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What to Do If You Get a Parking Ticket

First of all, this is not legal advice. Second, if you get a parking ticket, you should probably pay it as soon as possible. If you think the ticket was issued in error, do your best to immediately dispute it. However, it’s never a good idea to ignore a parking ticket, especially if you have

Links to Fraud and Scam Resources

March is “fraud prevention month“. While seniors and immigrants are typically identified as victims of fraud, almost anyone can experience this pervasive and to some extent widespread form of crime. Can you spot or recognize a potential fraud? Take this quiz to assess your knowledge. Hint: here are some fraud warning signs to help with

While Dinning Hunter has three locations in Victoria, we’ve noticed recently that people are looking for lawyers in Langford, probably because this western suburb keeps growing and growing and is establishing its own distinct identity separate from Victoria. Dinning Hunter: Langford Langford is starting to become a city centre in its own right, so we

Twitter and social media for lawyers

Twitter is an extremely popular and private social media tool that everyone from brands to politicians and public servants are using to communicate in real time. We’re pretty sure there are some lawyers in Victoria who are considering using Twitter, so we would like to give a shout out to… Meghan Maddigan, Legal Community Liaison at

Massage and personal injury

ICBC’s No-Fault Benefits Scheme (aka Part 7 Benefits) requires mandatory coverage of massage therapy benefits. But what are the benefits of massage to help recovery following personal injury experienced in an auto accident? According to massage therapists and others, following personal injury, massage: Stimulates tissue healing Reduces muscle spasms Increases joint flexibility Lowers blood pressure

If you’re looking for legal aid resources in Victoria and British Columbia, the Legal Services Society is a good place to start. While Dinning Hunter Lambert & Jackson offers a wide range of legal services, there is a wide range of legal aid resources in Victoria and British Columbia through the Legal Services Society of

Retired Provincial Court Judge Alfred Scow passed on February 26, 2013. Well known by lawyers in Victoria, Alfred Scow, a retired judge of the Provincial Court of British Columbia, was the first Aboriginal person to graduate from a BC law school, the first Aboriginal lawyer called to the BC bar and the first Aboriginal legally-trained

If you have an unwanted and unregistered gun in your house, the government of British Columbia has declared a gun amnesty for June 2013. Police departments throughout British Columbia will collect unwanted and unauthorized guns from the public during a firearms amnesty that month, according to an announcement recently at a meeting of the B.C. Association

While we provide legal help for many people, sometimes lawyers need a little assistance themselves as times rapidly change. Appearing in a recent BC Courthouse Libraries blog post, In a recent paper written for Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia CLEBC, Tracy Ayling an Independent Litigation Support Consultant based in Vancouver has written a short short

Facebook and other social media have, over the past half decade or so, become an integral part of our lives, so much so that it has become important to point out the necessity of social media legacy planning – what to do with your Facebook and Twitter accounts when you die. Another area of interest