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Thousands of people each year in British Columbia will be involved in an automobile collision and may experience personal injury. We asked Diversified Health Clinic’s Dr. Kris Gustavson for his thoughts about “what you need to know” following a collision. What are some common injuries people experience after being involved in an auto collision? Car

Since 2007, there has been an average of 350 traffic accident fatalities per year in British Columbia. Over the past 5 years, provincially, ICBC registered roughly 260,000 crashes in 2012, which is down around 20,000 from the total in 2008. Casualty crashes — crashes resulting in injuries or death — were 54,000 in 2012, which is

Massage and personal injury

ICBC’s No-Fault Benefits Scheme (aka Part 7 Benefits) requires mandatory coverage of massage therapy benefits. But what are the benefits of massage to help recovery following personal injury experienced in an auto accident? According to massage therapists and others, following personal injury, massage: Stimulates tissue healing Reduces muscle spasms Increases joint flexibility Lowers blood pressure

We’d like to introduce you to a new directory of Victoria healthcare professionals, Healthcare Victoria. is a centralized, comprehensive directory of healthcare professionals operating in the vicinity of Victoria, British Columbia. Its purpose is to provide you with valuable information regarding the many different treatment modalities that exist in the complementary medical care industry.

When searching for a personal injury lawyer in Victoria, you should also be considering recovery from auto and workplace accidents. It can be difficult to figure out where to start, so we’ve provided a few pointers. Chiropractic care Chiropractors specialize in the treatment and prevention of injuries and disorders of the muscular, nervous and skeletal