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Keep up with changes to regulations in British Columbia with up-to-date information on BC Family Law, Real Estate Law, and Canada’s new Anti-Spam Law.

Canada is introducing a new law, “Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation” (CASL). Marketers have until July 1, 2014 to comply. Online marketers need to pay attention: penalties for non-compliance can include fines of up to $10M CAN per violation. More information about CASL can be found here. CASL and Consent Under CASL, online marketers must obtain 100% express consent

Overview of new BC Family Law Act

On March 18, 2013, British Columbia’s new Family Law Act came into force, and has redefined common law relationships in our province. One of the biggest changes British Columbians will face is that any couple who has lived together for two years, or who has had a child together and then “splits up” may be

BC legal resources – a list

Here’s a list of BC legal resources. Much of it has been researched and curated by the BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association. BC Lawyers’ Directory The BC Lawyers’ Directory is a listing of all lawyers published by the BC branch of the Canadian Bar Association. The Directory is arranged by name and by

New Family Law Act regulations will come into effect on March 18, 2013 along with the Family Law Act. If you have questions about the new Act, or family law in Victoria, contact us today. The New Act: The Family Law Act Regulation will repeal the regulations under the old Family Relations Act and replace them with the new regulation,

The province of British Columbia is looking for public input into a review of the provincial Mortgage Brokers Act. Why? In order to identify and address anything within the act that might conceivably expose consumers of mortgage products to unnecessary financial risk or “create undue inefficiencies in the market.” According to the provincial government, the Mortgage Brokers Act provides

Our team works to exercise your legal rights in discrimination issues, workplace safety termination issues pay and time off family and medical leave compensation A common question we receive involves termination. According the the BC Ministry of Labour, the B.C. Employment Standards Act does not remove an employer’s right to terminate an employee. According to the BC

Bill C-31 was read for a third time in Parliament earlier this week and was passed into law. The new Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act. Among other things, the Act cancels applications filed before 2008, which affects 284,000 applicants worldwide. Of the people  bumped out of line by the changes, about 12,000 are from mainland China or

Immigration Lawyers in Victoria

Get Assistance with Proposed Changes to Citizenship Legislation If you’re considering relocating to Canada, it may be a good idea to connect with an immigration lawyer in Victoria, thanks to new changes to citizenship regulations by the Canadian government. According to Jason Kenney, the Minister responsible for immigration, major changes to Canada’s immigration system could include erasing