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Ron Dumonceaux

Ronald J. Dumonceaux (Ron) was born and raised in Saskatchewan graduating from the University of Saskatchewan Law School in 1986 after having received undergraduate degrees in commerce and arts with an economics major.

Ron began practicing in Saskatchewan receiving his call to the bar in Saskatchewan in 1987. He also received his call to the bar in Alberta in 1996, in British Columbia in 1998, in the North West Territories in 2006, and in Ontario in 2008.

Ron continues to be an active member of each of the forgoing bar associations and is entitled to practice law in each jurisdiction. Ron and his family moved to British Columbia in August of 2000 and joined Dinning Hunter Jackson Law (formerly Dinning Hunter Lambert & Jackson) in June of 2002. Ron became one of the lead lawyers of Dinning Hunter Jackson Law in January of 2004.

Ron practices primarily in the areas or corporate law and residential real estate. He organized and chaired seminars for his fellow professionals in advanced commercial law and was a panel presenter for civil litigation procedures. He has also successfully litigated in every level of court in each of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, the Federal Court, Tax Court, and the Supreme Court of Canada. Ron designed, implemented and currently manages the Brydges system of 24 hour on call lawyers for persons who have been detained under process of law in each of Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

Ron is a volunteer for Access Justice, an organization dedicated to providing legal services to individuals who cannot afford to employ a lawyer. Outside of the practice of law, Ron maintains sports activity in ice hockey and golf. He reads extensively and enjoys travel and spending time with his family.

Ron Dumonceaux, Dinning Hunter Jackson Law, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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