Strata Law Services

The BC Strata Property Act covers all strata developments in BC. Strata developments, also known colloquially as "condominiums", are a form of ownership devised for apartment blocks and housing estates with shared areas.

Dinning Hunter Jackson Law assists real estate agents, purchasers, strata councils and others understand and comply with the BC Strata Property Act. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Strata Law Services

  • Depreciation reports;
  • Contingency reserve funds;
  • Form B;
  • Other aspects of the Act.

Recent changes to the BC Strata Property Act

The provincial government recently made changes to the Act; these changes came into effect at the beginning of 2012.

When existing laws are modified or amended, it can often take some time before it's fully understood how these changes will affect society. Still, at this time, we know the new BC Strata Property Act is aimed at improving the accountability of strata corporations.

The new changes to the BC Strata Property Act can be quite complex, and have implications for everyone from strata councils to real estate agents to buyers.

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Strata Law

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