Who Dumps Junk Around Victoria?

Photos courtesy Nevin Thompson   “This time of the year is the worst for illegal dumping,” says John Sturdy, Assistant Director Engineering and Public Works at the City of Victoria. “University students are finishing their classes and are leaving for the summer.” As part of this annual exodus, as they face moving out and reclaiming their

The Dinning Hunter law blog is starting a new regular post of interesting, zany, and sometimes thought-provoking legal news from around the world. North Korea asks UK to take ‘necessary action’ against barber’s ‘Bad Hair Day’ poster Staff at London hair salon say they had close shave with North Korean officials after using picture of

With the longer life expectancy and smaller families, wills and estates lawyer John Jordan has noticed there seems to be fewer children who dealing on their own with more difficulties encountered as a parent ages. Not uncommonly, difficulties can quickly become a crisis without proper planning. It is better to plan ahead than react to

Links to Fraud and Scam Resources

March is “fraud prevention month“. While seniors and immigrants are typically identified as victims of fraud, almost anyone can experience this pervasive and to some extent widespread form of crime. Can you spot or recognize a potential fraud? Take this quiz to assess your knowledge. Hint: here are some fraud warning signs to help with

Legal News Links for March 2014

We’ve started a new blog feature – a monthly roundup of of interesting legal links! So, here is a short collection of the some of the more interesting legal news tidbits we have come across over the past month or so. If you have an interesting link to add, leave a comment! Social Media and

What Is an RESP and How Does It Work?

This is a blog post  by Victoria lawyer John Jordan. John practices Estate and Trust Law in Victoria.  An RESP is a contract between an individual (Subscriber) and another person or financial organization (promoter) for the Subscriber to contribute monies to be used for the post-secondary education of your child or some other beneficiary. Under the contract,

There is not much information available regarding registered plans that look after the needs off the disabled. Here are a few options to consider. For more information, please contact a wills and estates lawyer at one of our Victoria offices. Registered Disability Savings Plans One of the most well-known estate planning vehicles Registered Disability Savings