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Interesting Legal News in the Month of April

The Dinning Hunter law blog is starting a new regular post of interesting, zany, and sometimes thought-provoking legal news from around the world.

Kim Jong Un hair

North Korea asks UK to take ‘necessary action’ against barber’s ‘Bad Hair Day’ poster

Staff at London hair salon say they had close shave with North Korean officials after using picture of Kim Jong Un to promote discount haircuts. Read more here.

Rob Ford trying to keep football coaching documents secret

Embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford wants to make sure no one ever reads about his days as a football coach. Ford was reportedly fired from his position as Don Bosco coach almost a year ago, in May 2013.

The Toronto Catholic District School Board decided in March to disclose the documents related to his reported dismissal, but Ford has now appealed, with no reasons given. Read more here.

Clerical error kept man out of prison for 13 years; incarceration is cruel and unusual, he argues

Because of a clerical error, the Missouri man didn’t get the order to report to prison after being sentenced for armed robbery in 2002. The problem was spotted last summer and Anderson was sent to prison. After building a life for himself, he thinks he should be left off the hook. Read more here.

Teen criminally convicted for recording his classmates bullying him in school

A high-school student who recorded his classmates bullying him was convicted of disorderly conduct after officials at his Pennsylvania school called police to report the “wiretapping incident.” Read more here.


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