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Are you aware of new BC Family Law Act regulations?

New Family Law Act regulations will come into effect on March 18, 2013 along with the Family Law Act. If you have questions about the new Act, or family law in Victoriacontact us today.

The New Act:

The Family Law Act Regulation will repeal the regulations under the old Family Relations Act and replace them with the new regulation, with the exception of the sections in Part 3 that set minimum training and practice standards for family dispute resolution professionals (family mediators, parenting coordinators, and family arbitrators). These will not come into effect until January 1, 2014, allowing professionals more time to meet the new training requirements.

According to the press release from the Ministry of Justice, the training standards required for professionals working as mediators, arbitrators and parenting coordinators consist of:

  1. “At least 14 hours of in-depth training on how to identify and screen for family violence or power imbalances to determine whether, or what type of, dispute resolution process is appropriate.
  2. “A minimum level of family-related experience and training in their area of practice.
  3. “A minimum of 10 hours a year, per year, of ongoing training to ensure their skill set remains relevant.
  4. “Extensive training on the new Family Law Act.”

According to the provincial government, this training is necessary, and professionals have been given a year to get trained.

It’s hard to say how non-legal professionals with no training will be affected by the act.

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