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3 great blog posts from the Courthouse Libraries of BC blog

The Courthouse Libraries of BC (which, as an organization, links libraries across British Columbia) features a lively, engaging blog called the Stream. It’s always an interesting read for lawyers in Victoria and the general public alike. Here are some of the most interesting posts from the past couple of months:

Is it illegal to marry your first cousin in Canada?

The practice of marriages between first cousins differs in acceptance throughout the world. This blog post discusses the situation in Canada. Read more here.

Is a Person’s Condominium Their Castle?

This informative blog post examples of how owners can be kicked out of their own homes, in this case, condominiums, including pet owners living in condos, owners accused of excessive noise, obscene language, and harassment of other residents to the point of assault, and others. Read more here.

Criminal Law Practice Portal

A good blog post about a terrific resource for British Columbians, the Criminal Law Practice Portal. The post includes details about  Rangefindr which lets Law Society of BC members run sentencing quantum searches in an easy-to-use online interface where you can start broad (e.g. “fraud over $5,000”) and then checkbox your way to isolate exact factual variables using Canadian case precedents (e.g. accused who profited in the millions, evaded detection and still got a conditional sentence). Read more here.


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