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Choosing a law firm in Victoria

It’s never easy choosing a law firm in Victoria. There are pages and pages of law firms in the phone book, and some lawyers will privately tell you that many people choose legal advice depending on how far the law office is from their homes! If you follow a few simple rules, though, you can

Estates, wills and trusts can be difficult to administer in the best of circumstances. Typically, many people leave this task until later in life when illness or simply age can affect cognitive faculties. Other people typically try to save money by relying on cheap software that automatically create forms after information has been inputted into

British Columbia’s Strata Property Act underwent significant changes in 2011; these changes will be implemented in 2012. Are you prepared? All strata developments in BC.are controlled by the provincial Strata Property Act. Strata developments, also known colloquially as “condominiums”, are a form of ownership devised for apartment blocks and housing estates with shared areas. The