Military Law | Canada’s System of Justice

Laws regulate the affairs of every individual, business or government. Laws also impose standards of conduct. The supreme law of Canada is contained in the Constitution. There are three types of law: common law (judicial decisions), statutory law and the exercise of executive authority through Crown Prerogative. Statutes are the most important type. Military law

Real Estate Law & Property Ownership

When you purchase real estate with another or others, the real estate lawyer will ask you how you want to own it, whether as “joint tenants” or as “tenants in common”. The real estate contract itself does not specify this. The lawyer will explain some of the differences and can advise you, based on your

The financial aspects of a break-up can often be a significant source of stress. After the initial decision to separate or divorce, there are many other decisions you and your partner will have to make. For instance, you will need to decide who will pay family debts and expenses, how much support, if any, will

What to Do If You Get a Parking Ticket

First of all, this is not legal advice. Second, if you get a parking ticket, you should probably pay it as soon as possible. If you think the ticket was issued in error, do your best to immediately dispute it. However, it’s never a good idea to ignore a parking ticket, especially if you have

A recent BC Supreme Court Case has been a popular read for people following legal news. Leroux v. Canada Revenue Agency, 2014 BCSC 720 outlines the importance for small businesses of keeping proper records, especially in a self-assessing tax system, where every expense can and will be challenged by CRA during an audit. This 2014 judgement indicates that

This is a blog post by Victoria lawyer John Jordan. John practices Estate and Trust Law in Victoria.  WHAT ARE REPRESENTATON AGREEMENTS Representation agreements provide a mechanism whereby adults may arrange in advance how, when and by whom, decisions about their health care or personal care, the routine management of their financial affairs, or other matters will

Palliative Care and Advance Care Planning

Earlier in 2014, the Canadian Hospice and Palliative Care Association (CHPCA), in collaboration with Harris Decima, released the results of a Canada-wide survey focusing on perceptions of palliative care in Canada. Even as Canada’s population continues to age, the survey discovered that less than a third of Canadians are aware that provincial health systems offer

After a six-year battle between condo owners and their strata council, the owners were forcibly evicted by the RCMP earlier this week. RCMP escorted Cheng-Fu Bea from his Coquitlam condo following a court order issued last month that ruled the Beas must sell their condo to help pay for legal costs. After $173,000 in legal

The Choice of an Executor

by John Jordan. John practices Estate and Trust Law in Victoria. Apart from drafting a Will or Will substitute, the most important step in your estate planning is choosing the right executor or executors.  This is so because the person you choose will be required to carry out your last wishes, preparing your income tax