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Spousal Support Payments in BC

What is spousal support?

The purpose of spousal support payments is to give the lower earning spouse support while they work towards becoming financially independent and self-sufficient. In every spousal support decision, the income of both parties is taken into account when calculating the amount payable.

The length of time that spousal support is payable for is based on a variety of factors such as the length of marriage, the age of the lower income spouse, and whether the lower income spouse has a disability.

Determining spousal support payments

Because of the added complexity, the BC government does not provide a spousal support calculator in the same way they provide a child support calculator (link: Child support page). Spousal support agreements must take many, many details into consideration, making it important to have a family lawyer (divorce lawyer) that looks out for your interest during the separation. In some cases, support may be payable indefinitely after the separation.

Getting support

If you have lived in common law for two years, you are eligible to apply for support so long as you make the application within one year after the end of the relationship. For this reason, the timing of your application is very important when trying to get spousal support.

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